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 Govt stands ground on Ahmadiyah

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BerichtOnderwerp: Govt stands ground on Ahmadiyah   Govt stands ground on Ahmadiyah Icon_minitimedo 24 maa 2011 - 20:35

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Thu, 03/24/2011

The government will not alter its stance on Ahmadiyah, despite mounting pressures from Islamic hard-line groups, presidential spokesperson Julian Aldrin Pasha said Thursday.

Julian said the government maintained that a joint ministerial decree on Ahmadiyah issued in 2008 remains the best guideline in dealing with the issue.

“The decree will remain as a reference and will continue to be implemented,” he said, as quoted by

The joint ministerial decree bans Ahmadiyah from propagating its teachings. It also bans the public from attacking Ahmadiyah members.

Ahmadiyah, possibly the most persecuted group in the country's history, has about 200,000 followers. Attacks on the religious group, deemed deviant by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), have intensified in recent years.

Hard-line groups have repeatedly called for Ahmadiyah to be dissolved. On Wednesday, the Islam Reform Movement, a group under the Islamic Peoples Front (FUI), threatened to topple President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should he refuse to dissolve Ahmadiyah.

Julian said outside pressures will not deter the government from implementing the decree, which he said can improve harmony among religious followers.

“If the decree is well implemented there will be no friction or clashes,” he said.

He said the government would provide mediation should a clash occur between religious followers.

(now I ask myself, what happened to freedom of religion? Freedom for some, but not for others? So Ahmadiyah deviates from Islam, but so do the various
Christian religions! Who governs Indonesia, the Government or the so called "hardliners"? The hard-liners instgate public unrest and commit violence that mainly goes un-punnished, and Ahmadiyah? peaceful co-excistance and the right to worship (permitted under true-Islam, only Allah is Judge and Allah knows best!) So far the Government hasn't done a good job protecting a section of Indonesia's population! High-time to come to the plate and make good that what is so sorely lacking! si Kesasar's musings and not necessarily the view of this furum Wink )
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Govt stands ground on Ahmadiyah   Govt stands ground on Ahmadiyah Icon_minitimevr 25 maa 2011 - 1:21

wu's musings: 'leef en laat leven', 'respect voor anderen', 'Wat gij niet wilt dat u geschiedt, doe dat ook een ander niet'.
wat is daar mis mee?

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Govt stands ground on Ahmadiyah
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