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 Another man shot dead in Bandung

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Another man shot dead in Bandung  Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: Another man shot dead in Bandung    Another man shot dead in Bandung  Icon_minitimeza 5 mei 2012 - 0:13

The Jakarta Post, Bandung Fri, 04/05/2012

A man was shot to death inside a parked car in suburban Bandung, West Java, on Friday, in the third shooting in the region in a month.

The victim, identified as Husen Komara, died of two gunshot wounds to his chest after an unknown attacker, who was stalking him in a black Toyota Avanza, shot him through his car window.

Bandung Police chief Sr. Comr. Abdul Rakhman Baso said that the victim had parked his car near his former in-laws’ house on Jl. Kapten Tendean, in the Hegarmanah complex, at 10:20 a.m.

“The motive behind the murder is most likely personal, because not a single thing belonging to the deceased was taken,” he told The Jakarta Post.

The officer added that a bystander told the authorities that Husen was sitting in his parked car when the black car approached him before two shots were fired.

Even though he was wounded, he still managed to drive his car to give chase to his assailant. However, he finally succumbed to his wounds minutes later.

On April 19, the wife of a colonel was shot in the foot during a robbery at their house in a military neighborhood, after two unidentified men broke into the home.

The following day, a similar incident occurred at the house of a Parahyangan Catholic University lecturer, in which his youngest son was shot dead by burglars. Police captured the alleged four perpetrators on May 3

( it looks as if the days of the woolly wild west are here all over again, (aka Annie get your gun days) or was that the wild east?)

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Another man shot dead in Bandung
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