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 'Drunken' cop shoots teenager dead

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'Drunken' cop shoots teenager dead Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: 'Drunken' cop shoots teenager dead   'Drunken' cop shoots teenager dead Icon_minitimezo 5 aug 2012 - 19:23

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta Sun, August 05 2012

A drunken police officer identified as Brig. Sahidin Jaenudin opened fire on crowds of teenagers and killed 18-year-old Agus bin Waryo in Karangwareng subdistrict, Cirebon, West Java early on Sunday morning.

Agus, a resident of Blender village in Karangwareng subdistrict, was with friends when the fatal accident occurred.

Agus’s friend, Eka Ramadhani, said that during Ramadhan they played musical instruments around the neighborhood to wake people for predawn meals.

“There was a little argument between youths from different villages. We were asked to go home,” he said.

When the group left for home, Brig. Sahidin from Karangsembung police district fired into the air and then aimed the second shot toward Agus’ back, Eka said.

“The officer asked us to go home and we obeyed. But Agus was shot,” he said.

“I thought it was a firecracker. We heard the same noise again and then Agus collapsed behind me,” said Agus’s friend, Khalim.

Cirebon Regency Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Hero H Bachtiar said Jaenudin claimed to have been under the influence of alcohol during the incident. The officer will likely be discharged and face legal consequences regarding his actions.

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'Drunken' cop shoots teenager dead
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