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 Kijktip: Panorama (22 februari 2010)

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BerichtOnderwerp: Kijktip: Panorama (22 februari 2010)   Kijktip: Panorama (22 februari 2010) Icon_minitimezo 21 feb 2010 - 15:33

BBC Panorama
Investigating the palm oil industry in Indonesia

If you knew that, by buying your favourite chocolate bar, you were contributing to the extinction of the orangutan and fuelling global warming, would you still treat yourself?

In the UK we consume huge amounts of palm oil, an ingredient found in scores of products including biscuits, fish fingers, cosmetics and toiletries.

In Panorama's Dying For a Biscuit, reporter Raphael Rowe journeys into the rainforest of Borneo, where he uncovers evidence of palm oil companies cutting down trees illegally and developing plantations on protected land.

This deforestation releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the global environment. As the forest disappears, at a rate of two football pitches every minute, so too does the habitat of man's closest cousins, the critically endangered orangutan.

Maandag 22 februari 2010
Tijd: 21.30

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Kijktip: Panorama (22 februari 2010)
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